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Trials & research
Updated: 01 apr 2010
Disorder Treatment Centre Start date
ALS None, genetic research UMCU 01-01-2006 
ALS None, biomarkers research UMCU 01-01-2006 
ALS RCT: Botulinium vs radiotherapy UMCN 01-01-2007 
ALS Intensive care-coaching for patients with ALS AMC 15-04-2008 
ALS Diagnostic study with muscle ECHO UMCN 01-01-2008 
ALS RCT: Lithium vs. placebo AMC 01-09-2008 
ALS Test effect of rTMS and TDCS with patients with ALS UMCN 01-01-2008 
ALS Phase III: Dexpramipexol UMCU 01-06-2011 
ALS or PSMA Motor unit tracking with EMG ErasmusMC 01-08-2008 
ALS or PSMA Neuropsychological tests and fMRI AMC 01-01-2007 
ALS or PSMA Liquor analysis in motor neuron disease AMC 01-01-2007 
ALS, PLS, PSMA Prospective epidemiologic and genetic research UMCU 01-12-2006 
BMD Epidemiology and natural course LUMC 01-03-2008 
BMD  Serum profiling BMD  LUMC 01-04-2010 
CIAP None, research UMCU 01-07-2008 
CIDP IVIg dose finding study ErasmusMC 01-01-2010 
CIDP IVIg, prognostic factors for treatment effect ErasmusMC 01-03-2008 
CMT (HMSN) None, genetic modifying factors research AMC 01-06-2009 
DM1 / DM2 None, ECG, ECHO, MRI, EFO research MUMC 01-04-2008 
DM1 / DM2 RCT: groupconsults vs. regular treatment  UMCN 01-04-2008 
DMD Phase III - efficacy and safety of GSK2402968 (PRO051) LUMC 01-05-2011 
DMD Phase II exon-skipping 51 UMCN 01-01-2011 
DMD Swallow study UMCN 01-03-2010 
DMD Study ankle-foot orthesis: spring swing UMCN 01-01-2010 
DMD 3-D movement study arm-hand function  UMCN 01-11-2010 
DMD Phase I/IIa: exon skipping PRO044 LUMC 01-09-2010 
DMD RCT: Idebenone LUMC 01-04-2010 
DMD None, stem cell research LUMC 01-03-2009 
DMD None, muscle MRI research LUMC 01-04-2009 
DMD None, brain MRI research LUMC 01-05-2010 
DMD None, prognostic factors in heart failure ErasmusMC 01-04-2010 
DMD RCT: exercise training vs. ctrl UMCN 01-01-2008 
DMD TRIAL: Functional training with arm support in DMD UMCN 01-01-2008 
FSHD RCT: Cycle training vs cognitive behaviourtherapy UMCN 01-04-2008 
FSHD None, research in (epi)genetic factors UMCN 01-04-2009 
FSHD 3-D walking-balans study UMCN 01-02-2009 
GBS None, EMG study ErasmusMC 01-01-2008 
GBS None, immunologic and genetic research ErasmusMC 01-04-2008 
GBS None, neuropathophysiologic research LUMC 01-04-2008 
GBS TRIAL: 2nd IVIg treatment ErasmusMC 01-01-2010 
GBS None, cohort study of predictive factors for prognosis in GBS ErasmusMC 01-06-2010 
GBS None, relation GBS and H1N1 vaccination ErasmusMC 01-11-2009 
HNA None, immunologic and genetic research UMCN 01-04-2008 
HNA Study recovery and rehabilitation UMCN 01-04-2008 
IBM None, pathogenesis natural disease course LUMC 01-04-2008 
IBM None, pathogenesis; immunogenetic and degenerative mechanisms UMCN 01-04-2008 
Kennedy None, study genetic- clinical and biomarkers in Kennedy UMCU 01-03-2010 
LEMS None, pathogenesis tumor vs. idiopathic forms LUMC 01-04-2008 
LHON None, epigenetic factors ErasmusMC 01-04-2008 
MFS None, immunologic and genetic research ErasmusMC 01-04-2008 
MFS None, neuropathophysiologic research LUMC 01-04-2008 
MG RCT: Prednison vs prednison + thymectomie LUMC 01-01-2007 
MG Thymectomy via minimal invasive robotic surgery (Da Vinci Robot) MUMC 01-01-2009 
MG None, epidemiologic and genetic research LUMC 01-04-2008 
MG None, study pathogenesis / pathophysiology LUMC 01-04-2008 
MGUS Rituximab UMCU 01-01-2007 
Mitoch. disorders Interval training  ErasmusMC 01-04-2008 
Mitoch. disorders None, clinical, biochemical and genetic characterisation MUMC 01-04-2008 
Mitoch. disorders None, clinical, biochemical and genetic characterisation UMCN 01-04-2008 
Mitoch. disorders None, study depression in mitochondrial disorders UMCN 01-04-2008 
Mitoch. disorders Nutrition study and intervention UMCN 01-04-2008 
MMN None, immunologic and neurophysiologic research UMCU 01-01-2007 
MMN IVIg UMCU 01-01-2007 
MMN Intravenous vs. subcutaneous IVIg UMCU 01-04-2010 
OPMD None, genotype-phenotype study UMCN 01-04-2008 
PLS None, genetic and follow-up study UMCU 01-01-2006 
Pompe None, study natural disease course ErasmusMC 01-04-2008 
Pompe Myozyme: Study clinical effect and effect on muscle tissue ErasmusMC 01-04-2008 
PPS RCT: Efficacy of exercise therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  AMC 01-04-2008 
PPS None: Measuring loss of muscle function in PPS AMC 01-04-2010 
PPS None: Prospective follow-up study CARPA-II: natural course  AMC 01-05-2002 
PSMA None, study clinical- and biomarkers UMCU 01-03-2010 
SMA None, study genetic- clinical and biomarkers in SMA UMCU 01-03-2010 
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