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Treatment for postpolio syndrome
02 May 2011

Recently a Cochrane review was published on the treatment of the postpolio syndrome (PPS). PPS is a condition that can affect polio survivors years after recovery form an initial paralytic attack by the polio virus. PPS is characterised by progressive or new muscle weakness or decreased muscle endurance in muscles that were previously affected by the polio infection and in muscles that seemingly were unaffected, generalised fatigue and pain. These symptoms often lead to a decline in physical functioning.

A group of Norwegian and Dutch neurologists and rehabilitation physicians, including Marianne de Visser and Frans Nollet put all the information together. A total of twelve studies were found with useful data. This review found inadequate evidence from randomised controlled studies to make definite conclusions on the effectiveness of different treatment options in people with PPS. Results indicate that drugs like IVIG and lamotrigine or muscle strengthening and static magnetic fields may be benefical but need further investigation. Read more

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