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Polio Conference 25-27 June 2014 Amsterdam
01 April 2014

The 2nd European Polio Conference in Amsterdam from 25-27 June 2014 welcomes you to participate.

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The conference theme ‘Post-Polio Syndrome – A Condition without Boundaries’ refers to the aim to cover all aspects of health problems due to polio across the world.

The successful polio eradication program requires tremendous efforts and is now reaching its end stage. The challenges are to free the last endemic countries of polio, and to maintain high vaccination rates around the world to prevent outbreaks.

Although polio ‘disappears’ in almost all countries, the knowledge to adequately treat the estimated 20 million polio survivors must be preserved. The health issues for aging polio survivors and young polio survivors differ. In young polio survivors the challenge is to prevent and treat severe deformities, to reduce disability and to improve societal participation. In aging polio survivors, treatment focuses on post-polio syndrome and on secondary disorders of the locomotory system due to long-standing overuse, with the aim to preserve independency and quality of life.


The age of polio survivors, and the resulting health problems, differ largely between countries depending on when vaccination was successfully introduced in the health care system. Therefore an  important aim of the Conference is to exchange knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of polio residuals in different age groups across the world to best preserve functioning throughout life.

To facilitate better care and to build international connections, the Conference brings together health care providers, researchers, polio survivors, their caregivers and patient organisation representatives from Europe and worldwide. The Conference has dedicated sessions for polio survivors and for health care providers emphasizing research results and state-of-the art clinical practice.Since care for polio survivors involves many different disciplines, the Conference targets professionals in the field of rehabilitation medicine, virologists, neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons, doctors in tropical medicine, and trainees for these specialties.

We welcome you to participate in this conference and to enjoy the beautiful city of Amsterdam in early summer 2014.
Kind regards,
Prof. Frans Nollet, MD, PhD
Chair Organising Committee

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