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Prof. dr. Baziel G.M. van Engelen
Board member

Professor for neuromuscular diseases

Born in Eindhoven in 1957, Baziel van Engelen started his medical science education at the University of Nijmegen (KUN) in 1975. Between 1975 and 1984 he received his MD in medical science, and also studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam which he finished cum laude in 1992. Between 1985-1992 Baziel did his Neurology residency at the Universities of Berlin and Nijmegen, followed by a research fellowship at the departments of neurology and immunology of the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation in Rochester Minnesota, USA. In 1994 Baziel became a staff member of the Neurology department of the University Medical Centre Nijmegen, with a focus on neuromuscular diseases. Baziel became associate professor for neuromuscular diseases at Nijmegen University in 2000, and full professor in 2003.Baziel has published over 200 papers in his research fields, and has been entitled to a large number of research grants. He has worked on various promotion projects and is an ad hoc reviewer of journals such as Neurology, Brain, Lancet and Journal of Clinical Investigation. He also conducts reviews for organisations such as NWO (Medical Science), Prinses Beatrix Fonds and Telethon France and Telethon Italy. Baziel van Engelen is Principal Investigator at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and behavior. In 2001 he received the national Dutch "Vaandragerprijs" for neurological training of neurology residents. Baziel is secretary of the research school for fundamental and clinical movement sciences, and member of numerous neurological organizations (e.i. member of the scientific advisory board of the European Neuromuscular Centre). In his current job at Nijmegen Baziel is mainly involved in translational research in muscle diseases..